amanda (haellucinations) wrote,

Switch [Donghae/Heechul]

Title: Switch
Pairing: Donghae/Heechul
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Summary: Donghae needs a bit of assistance from his always reliable hyung.

1/1 ;; 1267w


Heechul glanced up from his well-kept nail beds before his eyes uncaringly drifted back down. Donghae sat in front of him, fidgeting and shifting in the wooden kitchen chair, chewing on his bottom lip in presumed nervousness. The older's interest was only slightly piqued, because what could Donghae possibly be so rattled about? On the other hand, it wasn't unusual for Donghae to look like a horde of ants had invaded his pants, so Heechul couldn't really bring himself to care. 

"Yes, Donghae-ah?" 

Donghae coughed, buying himself time for only a second before he was forced to talk again. "I was just... wondering about something..." 

Heechul felt his patience running away with every bit of stalling Donghae did as he hedged, fiddling with his fingers and still anxiously biting the corner of his mouth. "Just spit it out, dongsaeng," he said as calm a voice he could muster. 

The younger cleared his throat. "I just want to know... how does an orgasm feel?" 

Heechul nearly dropped the bottle of clear nail polish he held between loose fingers. "Are you seriously asking me this?" he half-laughed, "Haven't you masturbated before, Donghae?" 

The other colored rapidly, a pink flush spreading across his cheeks and to his ears, abashed. "I don't really have much time, hyung, or privacy. I mean, we just debuted, and you know I trained since I was fifteen. I just... never got around to it." 

Heechul looked up again, but this time his gaze was prolonged as he studied Donghae, the flush blossoming on Donghae's face only heightening his perpetually young visage and delicate features. Something within Heechul stirred faintly, a twisting feeling in the pit of his stomach, and a devilish smirk began to grow on his face. Donghae only grew redder. 


Heechul silenced him with a hand extending over the table, having capped his nail polish, to grasp Donghae's fumbling hands. Thin fingers pried them apart before traveling up Donghae's arms, reaching only as far as the table allowed, sharp nails lightly scraping the inside of his forearms, sending a visible shiver careening through the younger. 

Donghae could read Heechul's thoughts as if they were emblazoned across his pretty face, his large, smoldering eyes the illustration depicting his desires. 

Gazes locked, Heechul slowly rose from his seat and slunk over to Donghae's side of the table, fingertips trailing farther up Donghae's skinny arms, still lacking muscle with his young age, only to settle flutteringly on his shoulders. 

He squeezed them as he knelt down, their eyes level. "Well," he breathed huskily, smirk returning. An unbidden moan rose and stuck in Donghae's throat. "I can help you there." 

Donghae's lips parted in want, and with little inhibition Heechul captured Donghae's lips, a tentative grip automatically winding itself into Heechul's long hair, already messy and needing a comb-through, knotting even more with Donghae's needy pulls. Heechul kissed hungrily, sneaky tongue running a wet line along Donghae's lower lip, enticing the inexperienced boy to respond in kind, feverish, his need increasing with every lick against the seam of his mouth. 

Heechul only pulled away after coaxing a low groan from Donghae's chest, the sound vibrating in Heechul's mouth and making him grin in warranted satisfaction. The feral lilt of his lips only quirked up even further at the thoroughly debauched state of Donghae's small mouth, swollen and plumped as a result of Heechul's prowess. 

"Hyung, please..." The younger's hips rose into the air, an inch off the chair, knuckles glowing white as he gripped the table's edge. A growing bulge was outlined in the fabric of his jeans; he was half-hard already, and that shot a lightning bolt sized boost to Heechul's already large ego. 

"Eager, aren't you, Donghae?" He asked, cupping him, lightly, teasingly. Donghae whimpered, his neck rolling back and his hips only soaring higher into Heechul's hand, back curving into a graceful bow. 

"Yes, hyung, I need you, please," Donghae bit out, teeth digging into his already bruised lip. Heechul marveled at how easily Donghae fell into this role; he was needy, submissive, willing to beg, even though he was a virgin and only a little past halfway erect.

"I guess," Heechul unzipped Donghae's pants with agonizing slowness; Donghae nearly whimpered again, "as your hyung, I should help an impressionable dongsaeng with the problems of youth, right?" 

Heechul made so that Donghae couldn't answer, for he had yanked Donghae's jeans and boxers past his sharp, deliciously defined hips and onto his creamy thighs, hardening cock exposed to the air and Heechul's breath tauntingly drifting over the slit. He wasn't quite yet leaking, but he was close to it; the entails of youth and inexperience. 

"Hyung," Donghae whined. 

"Is that the only word you know, Donghae?" Heechul asked sardonically, thumb gliding over the slit just to hear Donghae yelp. "You're lucky no one is in the dorms. As am I, because I get to hear you beg for me to suck your cock, right?" 

This time it was a surprised, pleasured scream; Heechul's tongue swirled over the head of Donghae's dick, probing the slit, darting under the head and circling a hard press onto the sensitive skin. He held down Donghae's spasming thighs, grinning against the underside of his cock and mouthing hot kisses onto the hard flesh, saliva slicking the way and dripping down along a pulsing vein. Heechul licked the vein with a drawn-out swipe just to elicit another yell. 

"Where do you want your cock, Donghae?" His voice was low, almost hoarse, Donghae's desire infecting him. The thought of Donghae's pleasuring him with clumsy ministrations and shaky hands made his spine tingle. 

"Y-your mouth," Donghae stammered; Heechul decided to put his innocent dongsaeng out of his misery, mindful of his needs, and swallowed his cock in one shot, throat muscles contracting and fluttering, gag reflex nonexistent as he worked Donghae's thick shaft. He sucked immediately, bobbing his head up and down, tongue measuring strokes and mouth lavishing attention to the tip. That mouthful of cock was soon accompanied by come, spurting hot and bitter into his expectant throat as Donghae came for the first time. 

"Fuck, hyung, ah, ah," he moaned out, high-pitched and breathy, hips bucking up as Heechul's hands fall aside to caress the insides of his thighs. 

Heechul smirked, letting Donghae's cock fall from between open lips. He gave it another gratuitous brush of his tongue just to see Donghae tremble from overstimulation, still feeling particularly smug, if not a little guilt-ridden, over having stolen his favorite dongsaeng's first orgasm. 

"God, hyung..." Donghae said breathlessly, looking thoroughly well-sucked off and sated. "You're so fucking good. I bet you enjoyed sucking me off, didn't you?" 

The sudden gravelly, seductive tone of Donghae's voice sent a cold feeling of dread rippling through Heechul's stomach; where had the hesitant, impish Donghae gone? 

"The fuck-" 

Donghae cut him off with a derisive laugh. "Me? Never experiencing my first orgasm?" Donghae pouted. "You underestimate me, hyung."

Heechul gaped stupidly, his whole persona of confidence and cocky sexual finesse evaporating. "Donghae-" 

"Shh," Donghae quieted him, hooking his fingers in the belt loops of Heechul's jeans. "Let me return the favor now, hyung. To make up for my beguiling behavior..." Talented fingers pinched the zip and had his pants pooling at his knees in less than three seconds, his cock twitching at the rapid switch of roles. Fuck, he was hard...

Heechul had never came so hard in his life, Donghae sucking him off on the kitchen floor in a blow job that knocked his own out of the water. Virgin, Donghae was not. 

Tags: !oneshot, character: donghae, character: heechul, fandom: super junior, genre: smut, pairing: donghae/heechul, rating: nc-17
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